Kashmiri Karigar
About Us

Kashmiri Karigar (KK) is a “Social Enterprise Project” initiated with mission “to empower the Kashmiri Artisans and promoting Kashmiri culture”.

The enterprises is dealing with the Kashmiri cultural handicrafts especially the dresses (Shawls & Pheran) and Namdas. In addition to other traditional products, Namda, Gabba and Shawl   products have become usual for all the income classes. Its consumption increases during winter, on special occasions such as Eid, marriages and special functions.

Enterprise Facilitation and Display Center (EFDC), is a platform offering opportunities to Kashmiri Artisans in developing linkages with the stakeholders and marketing their unique products. At KK EFDC the customers will be provided range of traditional products including Pherans, Shawls and Decorative items. KK EFDC will facilitate the artisans in the supply of raw material and their skills will be enriched with demanding needs of the customers.

Our Mission

To empower the Kashmiri Artisans and promote Kashmiri culture. It is a social impact brand that is on a mission to bring the finest products from Azad Kashmir to the fingertips of the global connoisseur.

 At Kashmiri Karigar, we toil hard in bringing satisfaction to the hearts of our brilliant craftsmen, while sincerely believing that their magical work can’t be paid in a sum of money.  We aim to be a customer-centric brand that vows to bring authentic and exclusive products from Kashmir and price them honestly for our patrons around the globe.


  • To promote Kashmiri culture and improve the income of artisans by various marketing strategies
  • To research in the sector i.e trend / market analysis, product design etc.
  • To provide guidelines to the artisans about the financers / loan providers to establish their home based micro-enterprises as well as their enterprise development/management.

Our Short Story

To cater the ever demanding needs of nationwide customers, accessing the international customers, bridging the gaps in supply-channels and establishing a genuine online platform we decided to launch www.Kashmiri Karigar.com.

Our Long Story

Lack of opportunities and absence of effective tools of marketing to reach out the customers the artisans engaged in the field of making traditional products have been by manipulated by the middlemen and they have been influencing the bargaining position of the artisans resultantly leaving no option for them but to sell products at low cost.

We at Kashmiri Karigar directing our efforts to revive the spirit of our traditional heritage while providing an opportunity to the artisans to earn market compatible return of their work.

How it all works?

 Effective supply chain management and ensuring the quality of the products enable us to honestly price all the products and list them on our website for lovers of craft and exclusivity like you.

Social Responsibility

We purposefully work for women empowerment and give preference to women with social disabilities to work at Kashmiri Karigar.

Founder Profile

CEO Of KK “Khurram Jamal Shahid”

Mr. Khurram Shahid is a human right activist belongs from Neelum Valley, AJ&K. He is currently leading SDO as Chief Executive, while as a child rights activist he has been engaged with Child Rights Movement (CRM) Kashmir as State Coordinator. He is an MBA and M.S (Project Management) having good work experience in program, financial and organizational management. He has expertise in multi-sectors i.e education, advocacy, child rights, environment and organizational capacity building. He possess effective communication, community mobilization, team building and writing skills. He attended a lot of sound OD workshops as well attended good trainings on advocacy on rights, education, environment, governance and child rights. Mr. Shahid also writes on general social issues, particularly, environment, education, women empowerment and child rights related issues. He has sound skills campaign designing, capacity building, proposal writing, and research work. He has many research papers and publications.

Please find him at