Kashmiri Karigar
Background of Kashmiri Culture and Arts

The culture of Kashmir is diverse and highly influenced by northern South Asian, Persian, and Central Asian cultures. Kashmir is famous for its cultural heritage; it amalgamates Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, and Buddhist philosophies and has involved composite culture based on the values of humanism and tolerance, which is collectively known as Kashmiriyat.  Muzaffarabad hosts thousands of Kashmiri families that migrated from Indian-held Kashmir. These families brought valuable skills of arts and crafts with them. As compared to AJ&K, Indian-held Jammu and Kashmir has a rich cultural heritage and is home to a vast cultural and ethnic diversity and myriad of arts and crafts carefully nurtured for centuries.


The Kashmiri culture is gradually vanishing in the targeted area. The young generation does not know about their culture and arts. The production of arts and crafts is not promoted in AJ&K as an industry. There is a dire need for an intervention that helps revive and preserve Kashmiri arts and culture. The traditional cultural arts and crafts, in particular, need to be produced in line with the authentic culture of Jammu & Kashmir.